Meeting MySQL Team

2 April 6:00PM - 7:00PM @ Ballroom E

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Birds of a Feather
Come to have an informal discussion with all members of MySQL Team present during the Conference. Don't miss an occasion to get the info directly from the source! As well we're very curious to know what are your main issues today when using MySQL Server in your production environments. Please, share! - probably we already have, or will have soon a solution to your problems ;-)


MySQL Performance Architect, Oracle
Over 20 years in the IT industry, focused mainly on databases and systems performance, with the past several years working full time on MySQL Performance at Oracle. Previously 15 years at the Sun Benchmark Center in Paris (now Oracle, currently OSC) working on customer's workloads performance and scalability optimizations, including various tender competitions. Previously at the Informix Benchmark Team in France. Author of the dim_STAT Performance Monitoring & Analyzing tool, and actively publishing MySQL Performance related articles at