Developing MySQL Applications with Go

Developing Applications
3 April 1:00PM - 1:50PM @ Ballroom B

50 minutes conference
Google's Go language is increasingly popular for systems programming. It's efficient and fun to program in Go, and it produces high-performance programs. Go is well suited for working with SQL databases, and has excellent MySQL drivers. In this talk Baron will show how to use Go's database/sql package with MySQL. He'll discuss idiomatic database/sql code, available drivers for MySQL, and show tips and tricks that will save you time and frustration.


CEO, VividCortex
Baron is the CEO and founder of VividCortex (, which provides cloud-hosted database performance management to measure, diagnose and resolve MySQL performance problems in 1-second resolution. He is the lead author of High Performance MySQL and the creator of Maatkit (now Percona Toolkit).