Conference Schedule Sneak Peek

Like what you see? There will be plenty more to come! Stay tuned for the entire conference and tutorial schedule middle of January!

Performance Monitoring at Scale

Yoshinori Matsunobu, Database Engineer, Facebook

MySQL 5.7: Performance Schema Improvements

Mark Leith, Software Development Senior Manager, Oracle

MySQL 5.7: InnODB - What's new

Sunny Bains, Senior Engineering Manager, Oracle

InnoDB: A journey to the core II

Davi Arnaut, Senior Software Engineer, LinkedIn / Jeremy Cole, Sr. Systems Engineer, Google, Inc.

Scaling Twitter with MySQL

Calvin Sun, Sr Engineering Manager, Twitter

Fast Failover using MySQL and Zookeeper

Sunny Gleason, Founder, SunnyCloud

Assembling the perfect MySQL toolbox

Ike Walker, Database Architect, Flite

Building Data Warehouse with Hadoop and MySQL

Zburivsky Danil, Consultant / MySQL DBA, Pythian

Use Your MySQL Knowledge to Become an Instant MongoDB Guru

Tim Callaghan, VP/Engineering, Tokutek / Robert Hodges, CEO, Continuent

Continuous Delivery for DBAs

Jay Edwards, CTO, Blackbird, (formerly PalominoDB)

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