Introduction to ScaleDB

New Features
23 April 1:20pm - 2:10pm @ Ballroom G

ScaleDB delivers a clustered solution for virtualizing MySQL/MariaDB. It separates and virtualizes the database compute from the data itself; enabling CPU-bound databases to scale by adding compute nodes and I/O-bound databases to scale by adding storage nodes. Adding and removing nodes is done on the fly, without interrupting your application. ScaleDB will launch the product, and walk through some customer use cases and benchmark results. For more information visit:


Mike Hogan
CEO, ScaleDB
As CEO of ScaleDB, Mike drives the company’s strategy and execution. ScaleDB virtualizes MySQL & MariaDB, providing a cluster of database instances that appear as a single logical database to the application tier. This enables scaling of both I/O and CPU without painful sharding. Prior to ScaleDB, Mike founded ZiXXo, a Web 2.0 company he sold to Microsoft in 2007. Before that, Mike headed strategy, business development and market development for object database company, POET Software, a company he took public in 1999 and was later acquired. Mike also founded two other software companies, both of which were acquired.