InnoDB: A journey to the core

Database Administration
25 April 3:00pm - 3:50pm @ Ballroom D

InnoDB is the storage engine behind most busy MySQL databases in the world. How does it store data? How does it track free space? How does it retrieve rows? This presentation dissects InnoDB's storage formats and digs into the physical structure of tablespace files, extents, pages, records, indexes, and free space management. How many bytes would it take to store rows in a particular schema? How does indexing affect storage? What expected and unexpected inefficiencies might you run into? All of these questions and more will be answered.


Davi Arnaut
Senior Software Engineer, LinkedIn
Davi Arnaut is a member of the MySQL development team at LinkedIn. He works closely with LinkedIn's data team to add new features to MySQL, evaluate performance, and track down and fix bugs. In the past, Davi was a lead software engineer in the MySQL development teams at Twitter and Oracle.
Jeremy Cole
Sr. Systems Engineer, Google, Inc.
Jeremy is working on MySQL and related systems as a Sr. Systems Engineer in the SRE organization at Google. Jeremy was an early MySQL user, and an early employee of MySQL; later on, a community member, and an outside contributor. Prior to Google, Jeremy organized and led the MySQL Geeks that kept Yahoo! running, ran Proven Scaling consulting for dozens of companies, and built and led the DBA team at Twitter.