How to Design Indexes, Really

Developing Applications
23 April 11:30am - 12:20pm @ Ballroom A

MySQL users commonly ask: Here's my table, what indexes do I need? Why aren't my indexes helping me? Don't indexes cause overhead? This talk gives you some practical answers, with a step by step method for finding the queries you need to optimize, and choosing the best indexes for them.

I describe some of the misconceptions about indexing, identify common questions, and cover these main topics:
How do I find the queries I need indexes for?
How do I know what columns to add to an index?
How do I know what order to add columns to the index? Why does it matter?
What do I do about performance overhead of indexes?
What are best practices of using indexes as my project grows?


Bill Karwin
Senior Database Architect, SchoolMessenger
Throughout his career, Bill has shared his knowledge to help other programmers achieve success and productivity. Bill has answered thousands of questions, giving him a unique perspective on SQL mistakes that most commonly cause problems.