The Hazards of Multi-writing in a Dual-Master Setup

Replication and High Availability Strategies
24 April 11:10am - 12:00pm @ Ballroom G

Once MySQL users discover dual-master replication, they are often tempted to allow their applications to write to both at the same time. This talk will explore the dangers of doing so as well as the (limited) possibilities it allows.

Illustrated examples will be used to show how this breaks down ACID compliance at fundamental levels.

This talk would be targeted to beginner/intermediate MySQL Users and DBAs.


Jay Janssen
Managing Principal Architect, Percona
Jay Janssen started using MySQL in the 3.23 days, but honed his skills during 7 years at Yahoo as a High Availability Consultant specializing in MySQL. He joined Percona in 2011 and is a Managing Consultant there specializing in Percona XtraDB Cluster and High Availability architectures. He tweets at @jayjanssen