Creating a Benchmark Infrastructure That Just Works

24 April 3:30pm - 4:20pm @ Ballroom G

Throughout my career I’ve responsible for maintaining the performance of database applications and therefore created many benchmark “frameworks”. At Tokutek, an important part of my role is measuring the performance of our storage engine over time and versus competing solutions. There is nothing proprietary about what I’ve created, it can be used anywhere.

The presentation covers all my benchmarking lessons learned and best practices, including:
- Hardware and software considerations (including physical vs. virtual)
- Selecting benchmarks (TPC-C, Sysbench, iiBench, etc.)
- Capturing detailed information during benchmarks
- Automation
- Storing results
- Visualization
- Trend analysis
- Continuous integration (monitoring the performance of future versions)
- Self-service (let people get the information they want)


Tim Callaghan
VP/Engineering, Tokutek
Tim Callaghan is the Vice President of Engineering at Tokutek, creators of TokuDB. A long time database fanatic, Tim has 20 years experience building and administering database applications for commercial and internal usage. Tim spent two years at VoltDB, where he led the field engineering efforts, was the point contact for all commercial and community customers, and served as Product Manager. Before that, he was the Chief System Architect at CrunchTime Information Systems, building their SaaS restaurant solutions and distributed database offerings for the cruise industry.