Case Study: Designing a synchronous multi-master cluster for elastic scale-out and scale-in in the cloud

Replication and High Availability Strategies
24 April 2:00pm - 2:50pm @ Ballroom G

In this talk we present a real customer case that included a challenging Architecture Design and Proof of Concept of using Synchronous Replication in AWS.
The customer had asked to investigate and design an upgrade to their MySQL based solution that supports an application serving retail shops around the globe.
The requirements were to build a highly available MySQL database using only the affordable Medium EC2 instance types.
Using this instance size the system then needed to efficiently scale out and also scale in depending on sales seasons (e.g. Christmas sales).

For the requirements we short listed MySQL NDB Cluster and Galera Cluster for MySQL. We will share our experience and present the benchmark results from the POC:
1) Define real customer requirements
2) Installation and initial setup
3) Applying the customer scenario to solution
4) Scaling out test and required effort
5) Scaling in test and required effort
6) Geographic distribution
7) Numbers and conclusions


Marco Tusa
MySQL Team Leader, Pythian
Marco Tusa had his own international practice for the past twenty four years. His experience and expertise are in a wide variety of information technology and information management fields of application and cover research, development, analysis, quality control and project management. Marco Tusa has recently moved from Italy to Ottawa and is currently at Pythian as employee, coordinating the MySQL team's activities world wide. He has being working as employee for the SUN Microsystems as MySQL Professional Service manager for South Europe. He has worked with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation since 1994, leading the development of the Organization’s hyper textual environment.Also acting as project leader for the FAO corporate database support. For several years he has led the development group in the WAICENT/Faoinfo team. He has assisted in defining the Organization’s guidelines for the dissemination of information from the technology and the management point of view. He has acted as coordinator between WAICENT and other departments; he has been a member of the FAO Information Management and Technology Committee since 1999. He designed and lead the development of some of the main web related FAO projects such as: AGRIS; AGROVOC; FAO Document Repository; INPhO; Country Profile. He also designed and developed the FAO web publishing architecture including the design and development of almost all the web related databases. He has participated in field missions in order to perform analysis, reviews and evaluation of the status of local projects, providing local support and advice. He has participated in the design of the Ethiopian National Agriculture Information System (NAIS). He collaborates with MIT Media Lab (Massachusetts Institute of Technology laboratory) and FAO as Sustainable Information Technology for developing countries Specialist in relation with the FAO’s Special Program for Food Security for Senegal. Specialties Project Management - Database Analysis implementation management (Oracle, MySQL MSSql) - Application design and development