Serve out any page with an HA Sphinx environment

MySQL Case Studies
4 November 3:10pm - 4:00pm @ Cromwell 1 & 2

50 minutes conference
At Spil Games we have been using Sphinx for over five years now. At first we used it to offload full text search queries to our MySQL databases, but one year ago we started to use it in a different way: we now serve out any page to any of our 26M daily active users dynamically. This means on every visitor for every pageview he/she makes we will make at least one invocation to Sphinx Search. This session will describe on how we need to pick the right content for our users dynamically based upon their browser capabilities (Flash, HTML5, WebGL,etc) in millisecond ranges using the attribute filtering capabilities from Sphinx. Using Sphinx as one of the main building blocks of our architectural foundations means we have to set it up as highly available as possible and be smart with data loading. Using the background indexing method we relied on for years makes our Sphinx instances respond slower during indexing and graceful index reloading. To overcome this we now use the real-time indexes whenever we update our content database. I will cover the various scenarios of HA and index population we went through with their pros and cons.


Senior Database Administrator (freelance), DBArt
Has worked over nine years at Spil Games and contributed as a developer, IT Architect, Database Administrator, Database Specialist and Head of Database Engineering to the growth of the company. Recently he has started his own company that enables him to work on various MySQL and database performance related projects.