MySQL Backup Strategy @ IEDR

Replication & Backup
4 November 5:30pm - 6:20pm @ Sentosa 5-8

50 minutes conference
This talk is about the strategy we use to backup MySQL databases at IEDR. Every day we backup our database, distributing the backup to a different data center. Other part of the strategy is to verify that the backup taken is a good backup and can be used in case we need to restore. For faster restore, we archive a copy of the datadir (its faster then restore from MySQL dump). To continue the verification of the backup, we configure the server as a slave. Next step is done on the master, we run a checksum to verify data integrity between the master and slaves. This talks also covers how to backup binlogs.


MySQL DBA, IE Domain Registry
Marcelo Altmann works for the IE Domain Registry as a MySQL Database Administrator, he joined the company in July 2013. Before IEDR, Marcelo worked in several IT companies in Ireland and Brazil developing and managing MySQL servers.