libAttachSQL, the next-generation C connector for MySQL

4 November 4:30pm - 5:20pm @ Orchard 1

50 minutes conference
libAttachSQL is a new lightweight async C connector library for MySQL being developed from scratch by HP's Advanced Technology Group. It is Apache2 licensed and aims to make it easy for the general community to contribute to and use. The API for libAttachSQL has been designed to be clean and easy to use. It uses a polling based method of communicating instead of a blocking approach. The features of libAttachSQL include: * A non-blocking polling method of communication (with callbacks if required) * Multi-platform support (Linux, Mac and Windows) * Easy to use, well-documented API * Apache2 licensed (therefore compatible with Open Source and Commercial applications) * Prepared statement support (using a simplified API) * Easy to contribute to (Github) In this talk I will go through the various C connectors out there and what makes libAttachSQL unique. I will talk about the design and API of libAttachSQL including why certain decisions were made. This includes lessons learned from developing the libdrizzle 5.x series and how we applied these learnings in libAttachSQL.


Principal Software Engineer, Hewlett Packard
Andrew Hutchings (aka LinuxJedi) is a Principal Software Engineer for Hewlett-Packard's Advanced Technology Group, a think tank for open source technology. He is physically based in the middle of nowhere in the United Kingdom but manages and works with a global development team. Before joining HP he was a Senior Sustaining Engineer for SkySQL, Software Developer on the Drizzle project at Rackspace and a Senior MySQL Support Engineer for Sun Microsystems / Oracle Corporation specialising in MySQL Cluster and C/C++ APIs. He is also co-author of the book MySQL 5.1 Plugins Development.