Fulltext engine for non-fulltext queries

Developing Applications
12 November 4:00pm - 4:50pm @ Cromwell 3-4
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50 minutes conference
Or better said when Sphinx can help MySQL on queries that at first look they don’t involve any fulltext searching. Sphinx was build in mind to help the DB on fulltext queries. But it can also help on where there is no text search. That is everyday used queries with combined filtering,grouping and sorting used for various analytics, reporting of simply general usage. In Sphinx, the fulltext query is executed first, creating a result set that is passed to the remaining operations ( filters, groups, sorts). By reducing the size of the set that is interogated, the whole query will not be only faster, but it will consume less resources. Because of design for speed, Sphinx can group and sort a lot faster and can do easy segmentations or getting top-N best group matches in a single query. The result will be offloading heavy work done by database nodes to even a single Sphinx server.


Lead Support Engineer, Sphinx Technologies Inc.
Adrian Nuta works for Sphinx Technologies as Lead Support Engineer, joining the Sphinx team in march 2012. Prior to Sphinx, Adrian worked as an all-round consultant on LAMP stack for various businesses.