TokuDB internals

23 September 2:10PM - 3:00PM @ Lausanne

50 minutes conference
TokuDB is a fractal-trees based engine for MySQL and MongoDB. The main advantage of this engine in comparison with innodb is less speed degradation on big amount of data. This talk will cover the following aspects of this engine: 1) What is TokuDB engine and for what cases it is optimal? 2) What are fractal trees? The differences between fractal-tree and B-tree. Covering of main operations over fractal trees. 3) How TokuDB engine is implemented? a) memory allocation b) caching, flushing c) transactions d) logging and recovery e) checkpoints f) MVCC g) locking h) compression 4) Performance reviews. Comparing InnoDB and TokuDB on different kings of loads and data sizes.


Software Engeneer, Percona
Vlad joined Percona in April 2012. Before coming to Percona he worked on improving performance and reliability of highload projects with LAMP architecture. His work consisted in developing fast servers and modules with C and C++, projects state monitoring, searching bottlenecks, open source projects patching including nginx, memcache, sphinx, php, ejabberd. He took part in developing not only server-side applications, but desktop and mobile ones too. Before that he worked in several IT companies where he developed desktop applications on C++ for such areas as industrial automation, parallel computing, media production.