State of MySQL Group Replication

High Availability
22 September 12:10PM - 1:10PM @ Matterhorn 1

50 minutes conference
MySQL Group Replication is a new MySQL plugin that was first previewed in late 2014. It combines distributed systems technologies with database replication. The outcome of fusing such technologies together is a resilient, multi-master update everywhere, replication solution for MySQL. At its core is a group communication service providing reliable and dependable message passing for a group of MySQL servers. This enables automatic and consistent coordination between all the participants in the group. Such orchestration of MySQL servers empowers a fault-tolerant replicated state machine providing a Highly Available MySQL data store. Come and join us on a lively session about MySQL Group Replication. In this session we will cover: the progress the development team has made over the last 12 months; dive into the technical details of how it works; and discover how it meets the ever hard High Availability requirements of many (potentially your own) MySQL deployments. Takeaways: * What is MySQL Group Replication? * Understanding the architecture of MySQL Group Replication. * Use cases.


Principal Software Engineer, Oracle
Nuno Carvalho is a Principal Software Engineer and MySQL Replication Service Team lead at Oracle, the team in charge of MySQL Group Replication plugin. His research interests include replication technologies, dependable systems and high availability.
Before joining the MySQL team, he was a post-graduate student and a researcher at the University of Minho, Portugal, where he designed and implemented techniques to improve distributed systems scalability.