RocksDB storage engine for MySQL and MongoDB

Performance Optimization
23 September 4:20PM - 5:10PM @ Matterhorn 2

50 minutes conference
RocksDB is an embedded write-optimized key-value store, developed and maintained by Facebook. Because of its high performance and flexibility, RocksDB is the local storage component for many services at Facebook. RocksDB is open source and powers critical services at other companies as well, including LinkedIn and Yahoo. There are two projects under way that make RocksDB an interesting topic for this conference. The first one is integrating MongoDB with the RocksDB storage engine. Parse is already running MongoDB with RocksDB in production and reports reduced storage sizes and improved performance. The second one is integrating MySQL with RocksDB. Initial benchmarks show 2x improvements on space and write amplification over the InnoDB storage engine. We are excited about the possibilities that RocksDB enabled for Facebook infrastructure and hope to bring the benefits to other companies as well. The goal of this talk is to enable the audience to take the full advantage of the new RocksDB storage engine in MySQL and MongoDB. We'll start by describing RocksDB's architecture, including how various sub-systems work and interact. We'll trace the typical read and write code-paths and explain our compaction algorithms. Next, we'll share some performance tuning examples. We'll explain what levers you can pull to optimize RocksDB for specific workloads and hardware. Finally, we'll discuss our current plans and vision for RocksDB in the future.


Software Engineer, Facebook, Inc.
Igor is a software engineer at Facebook where his job is making RocksDB more awesome. He recently graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison with Masters degree in Computer Science. During his time at UW-M, he worked with prof. Paul Barford in the area of internet measurement and analysis. Igor got his undergraduate degree from University of Zagreb in Croatia. During his undergraduate years, he founded and developed a local non-profit organization that focuses on educating talented high-school students. In his spare time, Igor enjoys sailing and snowboarding.