Redis Eye for the MySQL Guy

22 September 4:20PM - 5:10PM @ Matterhorn 3

50 minutes conference
Many of us probably use MySQL in combination with another database or storage system, not alone. If you don't use Redis, perhaps it's because you're not familiar with it? You can offload a lot of heavy lifting to Redis, which is strong in exactly some of the areas where MySQL is at a disadvantage. Yet you can do this while keeping MySQL as the single source of truth, so if you lose Redis you don't lose data, just efficiency. Let's talk about how.


CEO, VividCortex
Baron is the CEO and founder of VividCortex (, which provides cloud-hosted database performance management to measure, diagnose and resolve MySQL performance problems in 1-second resolution. He is the lead author of High Performance MySQL and the creator of Maatkit (now Percona Toolkit).