Performance Schema and Sys Schema in MySQL 5.7

What's new in MySQL
22 September 12:10PM - 1:10PM @ Matterhorn 2

50 minutes conference
MySQL 5.7 now includes the Sys Schema by default, which builds upon the awesome instrumentation framework laid by Performance Schema. Performance Schema has had 23 worklogs completed in 5.7 alone, such as memory instrumentation, tying in transactions and stored programs in to the current statement/stage/wait instruments and wait graph, prepared statement instruments, metadata lock information, improved session status and variable reporting, the new structured replication tables, and more. The Sys schema builds upon this strong foundation with easy reporting views and functions, as well as procedures to help both set up and manage the configuration of Performance Schema, and help diagnose performance issues with your database instances on the whole. Come along and hear from the original developer of the Sys schema about all of these exciting improvements in MySQL instrumentation for the upcoming MySQL 5.7 release!


Senior Software Development Manager, MySQL @ Oracle
Mark has worked on MySQL, Oracle, Sybase and SQL Server servers, and monitoring and management tools for these, for an extensive time. 

He joined MySQL in 2005 as a Support Engineer and is now a Senior Software Development Manager in Oracle's MySQL Enterprise Tools group, where he helps lead development of MySQL Enterprise Monitor. He also works closely with the MySQL server team on the Performance Schema, and MySQL instrumentation in general, as well as the integration of the Sys schema. 

Mark is the original developer of the sys schema, a collection of views, procedures and functions, that can be used to help interpret Performance Schema and Information Schema data.