Non Blocking DDL in Galera Cluster

High Availability
23 September 3:10PM - 3:35PM @ Matterhorn 3

25 minutes conference
Schema upgrades in Galera based clusters have been problematic due to excessive locking in replication level. With long term schema changes this has cause unwanted service breaks. e.g. ALTER TABLE for a large table could lock up your cluster for hours. Galera 4.0 implements new method for replicating DDL statements: "Non Blocking DDL". But, how non blocking this replication method really is and what are the best practices for schema upgrades in Galera 4? This and more galera 4.0 questions will answered in this 50 minute conference session.


CEO, Codership
Database replication specialist, with long track record of developing various replication and clustering solutions for MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. Currently holding CEO position at Codership, working for Galera open source project with the target of developing a universally applicable synchronous multi-master replication solution.