MySQL 5.7: What Is New in the Optimizer?

What's new in MySQL
22 September 4:20PM - 5:10PM @ Matterhorn 1

50 minutes conference
There have been substantial improvements to the optimizer in MySQL 5.7—most noticeably, users can now combine relational data with NoSQL. MySQL introduced a new JSON datatype and built-in JSON functions, and functional indexes are now supported through both stored and virtually generated columns. On the performance side, MySQL can avoid creating temporary tables for UNION ALL, enable range scans on IN queries with row value expressions, make use of condition filtering, and more. In addition to performance improvements, DBAs will enjoy the ability to run EXPLAIN on a running query, and the new MySQL query rewrite plugin for handling potential performance regressions. Join this session to learn how you can leverage these new features.


Senior Principal Software Engineer, Oracle
Olav Sandstå is a Senior Principal Software Engineer in the MySQL group at Oracle, where he works on the MySQL Query Optimizer. Before joining the MySQL team he worked on performance improvements for the Apache Derby database. Prior to that he worked for 10 years on development of Clustra, a highly available DBMS.  Olav has PhD from the database research group at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.
Director Software Development, Oracle
I have 15 years experience in the database field. I am currently working as senior engineering manager at Oracle, heading the MySQL optimizer team. Previously, I held various positions both as product manager and engineering manager at Sun Microsystems.