Managing and Visualizing your replication topologies with Orchestrator

Replication & Backup
23 September 4:20PM - 5:10PM @ Winterthur

50 minutes conference
Introducing Orchestrator: a MySQL replication topology management service, that greatly simplifies DBA's tasks and enhances visibility on your topologies. Orchestrator allows for: - Automatic topology discovery & continuous mapping - Easy topology refactoring (as easy as drag-n-drop) - Failure analysis - Automated master & intermediate master recovery and healing of topologies - Supports Pseudo-GTID and all MySQL flavors - Web/GUI operations, Web API, command line - And more This session will introduce the replication problems Orchestrator solves. We will show how to easily repoint replicas via web or command line scripting, and present with non-trivial recovery scenarios. We will run live demos. Orchestrator is free and open source. It is being used in production in medium to very large companies, managing from dozens to thousands of MySQL servers. It is available at


Senior Systems Engineer, GitHub
Shlomi is a senior systems engineer at GitHub. He is an active MySQL community member, and an experienced consultant and instructor.
He authors the orchestrator, common_schema, openark-kit (and others) open source tools, and blogs at
Shlomi is an Oracle ACE, Oracle Technologist of the Year: 2011, and the 2009 MySQL Community Member of the Year.