Anatomy of a Proxy Server: MaxScale Internals

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22 September 5:20PM - 6:10PM @ Lausanne

50 minutes conference
MaxScale is a proxy server designed to be database-centric and database-agnostic. The key features of the proxy are its flexibility in handling different types of plugins and workloads, and a multi-threaded, event-driven core that provides maximum scalability and performance. In this section we will look at the internals of MaxScale for: - The MaxScale internal architecture - How MaxScale handles events through DCBs - Multithreaded I/O model and implementation - How plugins work


EVP Products and Strategy, ScaleDB Inc.
Ivan is EVP of Strategy and Products at ScaleDB Inc. He has worked at Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, and he has served as CTO at SkySQL/MariaDB for 4 years. Prior to that, Ivan worked at MySQL AB / Sun / Oracle for 6 years. An IT veteran with 30 years of experience, he has been founder and CTO of various companies, journalist and author of technical books and publications.