Advanced Percona XtraDB Cluster in a nutshell, la suite : Hands on tutorial not for beginners!

High Availability
21 September 9:00AM - 12:00PM @ Matterhorn 3

Experience level: 
6 hours tutorial
Percona XtraDB Cluster is a high availability and high scalability solution for MySQL clustering. Percona XtraDB Cluster integrates Percona Server with the Galera synchronous replication library in a single product package which enables you to create a cost-effective MySQL cluster. Since three years during Percona Live we initiate people to this technology... but what's next ? This tutorial is the continuation. It targets users that already have experience with PXC and want to go further. This tutorial will cover the following topics: - monitoring and trending - problem solving - limitations, when not to choose for PXC - how to test ? (benchmark) - schema changes - backups - multi datacenter - advanced load balancing with HA Pproxy and Maxscale - fine tune some important variables like galera cache, flow control limit, ...


Senior Architect, Percona
Frédéric is an experienced Open Source consultant with expertise in infrastructure projects as well in development tracks and database administration. Frédéric is a believer of devops culture.

MySQL Practice Manager, Percona
Kenny is currently MySQL Practice Manager at Percona.