ElasticSearch 101

Monday 9:00AM - 12:00PM

@ Bear

Open Source Databases

3 hours tutorial


Tutorial, Operations

Elasticsearch is well known as a highly scalable search engine that stores data in a structure optimized for language based searches but its capabilities and use cases don't stop there. In this tutorial, I'll give you a hands-on introduction to Elasticsearch and give you a glimpse at some of the fundamental concepts.
Database administration is challenging, and Elasticsearch is not an exception to that rule. In this tutorial, we will cover various administrative topics like Installation and Configuration, Cluster/Node management, Indexes management and Monitoring Cluster Health which will help you. Building applications on top of an Elasticsearch are also challenging and raise concerns about schema design. In this tutorial, we will cover developer-oriented topics like Mappings and Analysis, Aggregations and Schema Design that will help you build a robust application on top of Elasticsearch.
There will be lab sessions at the end of some chapters so please have your laptops with you.


Antonios Giannopoulos

Antonios Giannopoulos (ObjectRocket)

Senior Database Administrator


I am working as Senior NoSQL Database Administrator at ObjectRocket supporting thousands of MongoDB installations over the past 4 years. I have 16 years experience in databases and system engineering. I really enjoy challenges in sharding and schema design and love migrations from Relational to NoSQL world.

Alex Cercel

Alex Cercel (ObjectRocket)

Database Administrator


Seasoned Linux, Windows and Network administrator, recently turned DBA. After 3 years in the Data Engineering team in ObjectRocket, moved to the DBA team to focus on MongoDB and ElasticSearch.
All round geek with a genuine passion for anything that runs on or involves computers. From the OS to games.

Mihai Aldoiu

Mihai Aldoiu (Objectrocket)

Data Engineer


Linux Administrator enthusiast with a focus on database servers.
For the past two years, I'm helping the Objectrocket team managing thousands of instances on different datastores technologies like MySQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Redis, Hadoop


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