The 8th Chapter on MySQL Replication!

Wednesday 4.55PM-5.20PM

@ Goldsmith 1

MySQL / MariaDB

25 minutes conference



MySQL replication has been changing considerably over the years to meet the demands of highly volatile and very dynamic deployments of MySQL technology. The fact is that the MySQL that powered the LAMP stack is now powering the infrastructure of many of the popular cloud solutions out there. A common factor across them is replication, which has been often used for read scale-out. In fact, it has also deployed as the foundation to provision high availability and address disaster recovery when deployed across wide-area networks. Elasticity and redundancy are thus key properties in old as in new deployments.

The new replication features in MySQL 8 continue to match the requirements set in order to address web scale scenarios. All of this without compromising on features that are also important when deploying MySQL on premise or local clouds.

Come and learn about the new replication features in MySQL 8 that you will use to grow your business on top
of MySQL.


João Gramacho

João Gramacho (Oracle)

Software Developer


João Gramacho is a Software Developer for the MySQL Replication Core team at Oracle. Before joining Oracle, he worked for more than ten years with IT infrastructure support (servers hardware, operating systems, networks, management and security) and did a PhD in high-performance computing.

Sven Sandberg

Sven Sandberg (Oracle)

Software Engineer


Sven Sandberg is a Senior Software Engineer and manages a part of the replication team at Oracle. He has a PhD in software verification from Uppsala University, Sweden.


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