Real-Time Data Masking

Tuesday 4:30PM-5:20PM

@ Swift Suite 1

MySQL / MariaDB

50 minutes conference



Analyzing data to make crucial business decisions is vital for any company to survive in today's competitive market. Even more so when we consider the eCommerce industry. In every corner of the world, eCommerce companies are vying to capture the market share. As a result, companies are required to provide processes and infrastructure to allow data access to Business Intelligence and Development teams without compromising on regulatory requirements. To solve this problem, there is some commercially available software which encrypts data at rest by using key management within or outside the RDBMS. But we have been able to solve this problem innovatively by using triggers and a set of Python scripts which is free, masks data in real time, has simple to configure columns for masking and retains the usability of data after masking. We have developed a set of functions for each type of sensitive data that is used in various applications most commonly. We will also discuss pros and cons.


Pandikrishnan Gurusamy

Pandikrishnan Gurusamy (Lazada South East Asia)

Senior Database Administrator


About 8 years of experience in the IT Environment as a Database Administrator, specifically worked on all the forks of MySQL. Good knowledge on RDBMS and scripting. Had a good experience on MySQL replication and Architecture Design for HA solutions. Builded a real time data masking solution. Knowledge on various Backup and recovery tools for MySQL. Deployed and maintain large scale infrastructure for databases. Knowledge of Data warehouse concepts like ETL Tools. Had a good knowledge on Mysql proxies like Maxscale,proxysql. Implemented various HA solutions for Databases. Had a worked with analytics ,banking, media and e-commerce companies.

Suresh Durgappa

Suresh Durgappa (Lazada South East Asia )

Vice President, Database Architecture


More than 17 years' experience as DBA and Data Architect (DB2/Oracle/MySQL/MSSQL Server), SQL/PLSQL Application Development, Software Configuration Management (ClearCase, ANT,Puppet) and UNIX Shell Scripting.More than 5 years' management experience in Organisational Leadership and Team Building Bachelor of Engineering, REC/NIT, Trichy, India Extensively worked on Banking, Financial and e-Commerce Applications.Installed and managed highly scalable database systems in Cloud and Data Centers Implemented large scale MySQL Clusters with HA for eCommerce.


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