Modern sysbench: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

Wednesday 4.55PM-5.20PM

@ Goldsmith 3

MySQL / MariaDB

25 minutes conference


Developer, Operations

sysbench is a benchmark tool that is quite ubiquitous in the MySQL community. It is used by both beginners and huge corporations alike as a quick way to evaluate general system performance, a universal measuring tool to compare configuration or code changes, server releases or server flavors, or as a part of QA process. This session will present new features provided by recent releases and explain how they can be used to create complex benchmark scenarios and collect performance metrics with a simple Lua API.

We will also run a live demo of some of the new sysbench features.


Alexey Kopytov

Alexey Kopytov (.)

Software Engineer


Alexey worked at MySQL AB/Sun/Oracle as a Performance Engineer in the High Performance group and Software Engineer in the MySQL development team. He also worked at Percona on Percona Server, XtraBackup and XtraDB cluster. He is also the maintainer of sysbench, a popular benchmark tool.

Martin Arrieta

Martin Arrieta (Pythian)

Lead Database Consultant


Martin worked as a Developer, System Administrator and DBA in local companies for more than 10 years. After that, he worked in the Support and Consulting teams at Percona and he joined Pythian in August 2015. Currently he leads a team of consultants helping several clients with different MySQL related technologies.


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