Migrating to and Living on RDS/Aurora

Wednesday 12:20PM-1:10PM

@ Goldsmith 2

MySQL / MariaDBOpen Source Databases

50 minutes conference


Business / Case Studies, Operations

We've migrated our platform (Kinja) from a datacenter-based approach to AWS, including migration of standalone MySQL hosts to RDS/Aurora.

I'd like to talk about our findings, what kind of problems we were hitting during this transition, giving you a hands-on experience about how you should change your thinking when you decide to move into a managed database service because it's a kind of different way compared to what you used to have.

I'd like to show you our best practices, I'd like to show some characteristics of Aurora, I'd like to show you a few of our utilties that we had to create to make daily operations possible.


Balazs Pocze

Balazs Pocze (Gizmodo)

Senior Datastore Engineer


I work as MySQL DBA since 2013, before I worked as common operations engineer who had to work a lot with MySQL. :) Nowadays I work for Gizmodo Media, and I learn how to use AWS properly.


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