Introduction to MySQL InnoDB Cluster

Wednesday 11:20AM-12:10PM

@ Field Suite 2

MySQL / MariaDB

50 minutes conference


Developer, Business / Case Studies, Operations

The new MySQL InnoDB Cluster is an out-of-the-box high availability (HA) solution for MySQL 5.7 and later. It combines the MySQL Server, the MySQL Router and the MySQL Shell for an easy-to-use, integrated solution. Setting up and managing the cluster with the new MySQL Shell puts HA into the hands of everybody, making it a core part of every MySQL installation This session starts with a FAQ covering myths and reality about MySQL InnoDB Cluster and then gives a high-level overview of the MySQL InnoDB Cluster feature set, shows how to use it and why there is no excuse to treat HA as an afterthought anymore.

We will also cover the concept of MySQL Group Replication and explain the best practices.

The session ends with an overview of the latest development.


Frederic Descamps

Frederic Descamps (Oracle)

Community Manager


Frédéric Descamps is MySQL Community Manager for EMEA & APAC. He joined the MySQL Community Team in May 2016. "@lefred" has been an OpenSource and MySQL consultant for more than 15 years. His favorite topics are High Availability and Performance.

Jan Kneschke

Jan Kneschke (Oracle)

Manager, MySQL Clients and Middleware


Jan Kneschke works for MySQL since more than a decade. From web-servers to mysql protocol routers he focuses low latency and high concurrency.


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