InfluxDB Storage Engine Internals

Tuesday 3:20PM-4:10PM

@ Sky Suite 2

Open Source Databases

50 minutes conference



In this presentation I take a deep dive into the open source storage engine inside InfluxDB. More than just a single storage engine, InfluxDB is two engines in one: the first for time series data and the second, an index for metadata. I'll delve into the optimizations for achieving high write throughput, compression and fast reads for both the raw time series data and the metadata.


Gianluca Arbezzano

Gianluca Arbezzano (InfluxData)

Site Reliability Engineer


Gianluca Arbezzano is an Site Reliability Engineer at InfluxData. He was previously a Software Engineer focused on PHP development for CurrencyFair. He is a big Open Source contributor for several projects including and not limited to Zend Framework, Docker, and InfluxDB. He is also a Docker Captain and a member of the Doctrine ORM developers team. Gianluca is passionate about helping teams improve their development environment using continuous integration, automation and modern tools to work better and faster. He embraces the DevOps culture, open source contributor, blogger and speaker. He writes code in PHP, golang, js and other languages. Gianluca tweets at @GianArb.


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