Improvements to MongoRocks in 2017

Tuesday 5:55PM-6:20PM

@ Swift Suite 2


25 minutes conference



Performance, efficiency and QoS in MongoRocks are greatly improved this year thanks to work on it and on RocksDB. I will explain some of the changes that have been made and provide benchmark results to compare current MongoRocks with current WiredTiger and an older MongoRocks release.


Mark Callaghan

Mark Callaghan (Facebook)



Mark worked with great teams to make MySQL better for web-scale deployments at Facebook & Google for more than 11 years. He now works at Facebook on RocksDB, MyRocks and MongoDB with a focus on storage efficiency. Prior to his web-scale career he spent many years working on RDBMS internals at Oracle and Informix. He invented and implemented a fast sort algorithm for the Oracle RDBMS. He has an MS in CS from UW-Madison.


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