Heterogeneous Replication Between MySQL and MongoDB Using Tungsten Replicator

Tuesday 12:20PM-1:10PM

@ Field Suite 1

MySQL / MariaDBMongoDB

50 minutes conference


Developer, Business / Case Studies, Operations

Heterogeneous replication from MySQL to MongoDB has been available for a long time using Tungsten Replicator. In this session, we will explain (again) how to enable it and, what is more important and what you can and can't do with this feature. Also, some workarounds for common tasks will be discussed. Lastly, we will review some features missing that would be great to have and some ideas on how to implement them.

1. Introduction
- Origins of heterogeneous MySQL to MongoDB replication in tungsten
- MySQL vs. MongoDB
2. Create a lab using Vagrant
- Install all the stuff
- Check the environment
3. What you can do and what you can't do with Heterogeneous Replication
- Empty tables
- Tables with data
- Handling indexes
- Online schema changes
- De-normalizing (Document embedding)
4. Conclusions


Pep Pla

Pep Pla (Pythian)

Database Consultant


Pep has a broad experience in several database platforms, but in recent years he has focused on MySQL. His work abides by the motto of Mission Control at NASA: "Tough and competent". Tough means you are accountable for what you do or fail to do, it means compromise and responsibility. Competent means that you take nothing for granted and you must never be found short in knowledge and skills. This is how Pep feels and lives database management. He is also interested in applying Lean culture to his job and enjoys living in Barcelona with his kids and his partner.


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