gh-ost: Triggerless, Painless, Trusted Online Schema Migrations

Wednesday 2:20PM-3:10PM

@ Goldsmith 2

MySQL / MariaDB

50 minutes conference



gh-ost is a tool by GitHub that changes the paradigm of MySQL online schema changes, designed to overcome today's limitations and difficulties in online migrations. gh-ost is:

- Triggerless: no triggers placed;
- Pausable: can suspend master writes altogether
- Lightweight: makes a low impact on the master database
- Controllable: one can interact with an executing gh-ost process, get info and reconfigure parameters
- Testable: gh-ost allows for testable, safe, non obtrusive migrations in production
- Designed to allow for multiple concurrent migrations

In this session we will:

- Introduce gh-ost, explain the reasoning for developing a new tool
- Describe the underlying logic
- Compare with existing online schema change tools
- Show off extra perks that make gh-ost operations so friendly
- Discuss the roadmap and present with surprising implications

gh-ost is open sourced under the MIT license


Jonah Berquist

Jonah Berquist (GitHub)

Database Infrastructure


Jonah is the Engineering Manager of the Database Infrastructure team at GitHub. His previous job was as a Senior DBA at Twitter and he had humble beginnings working as a remote DBA for a variety of customers at Blue Gecko. He enjoys looking at graphs and writing scripts to do his job for him.


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