Enabling ClickHouse Analytics in Your MySQL Application Using ProxySQL

Wednesday 12:20PM-1:10PM

@ Sky Suite 2

Open Source Databases

50 minutes conference


Developer, Operations

ClickHouse is an open source column-oriented database management system capable of real time generation of analytical data reports using SQL queries.

Acting as a data bridge between MySQL protocol and ClickHouse protocol, ProxySQL now enables MySQL clients to execute queries in ClickHouse through it.

In this session we will show how to configure ClickHouse as a backend for ProxySQL, and how a MySQL client (for example in PHP) will be able to execute data reports in ClickhHouse


Rene Cannao

Rene Cannao (ProxySQL)


René has 10 years of working experience as System, Network and Database Administrator mainly on Linux/Unix platform. In the last 4-5 years his experience was focused mainly on MySQL, working as Senior MySQL Support Engineer at Sun/Oracle and now as Senior Operational DBA at Blackbird, (formerly PalominoDB). In this period he build an analytic and problem solving mindset and he is always eager to take on new challenges, especially if they are related to high performance.

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