Database Migration: Challenges of Migration from Oracle to Open Source

Tuesday 5:25PM-5:50PM

@ Goldsmith 2

Open Source Databases

25 minutes conference


Developer, Business / Case Studies

The EMBL-EBI is an international scientific organisation using open source and commercial technologies: in the database backend, open source SQL and NoSQL DBMSs such as PostgreSQL, MySQL and MongoDB are in use alongside the well consolidated Oracle RDBMS.
Throughout the years the overall number of instances has grown notwithstanding a program of retirement of any instance reaching the end of its lifecycle: on this basis the investigation of the costs related to support, maintenance, operations across all database technologies is of strategic importance for the institute.
We will discuss the activity we conducted over the last 12 months that lead to the migration of ca 30 Oracle instances to open source suitable alternative platforms. Some POC and side investigations have been dedicated to solve specific issues.
We will illustrate overall approach, use cases, tools, technical challenges and adopted solutions and lesson learned, in the context of the evolving EMBL-EBI infrastructure


Maurizio De Giorgi

Maurizio De Giorgi (EMBL-EBI)

Senior Database Administrator/Engineer


Maurizio is currently working as Senior Database Administrator/Engineer in the Systems Applications Team at EMBL-EBI. He has 25+ years experience mostly as IT consultant in different roles, industry, markets and more than 15+ experience in RDBMS development and administration spanning across Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, ETL and Application Integration. He is an avid technologist always carefully looking at new technology, paradigms and trends and the best way to apply them within the projects and the organisations where he is working.


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