Couchbase - The NoSQL Database for Engagement Use Cases

Monday 9:00AM-12:00PM

@ Sky Suite

Open Source Databases

3 hours tutorial


Business / Case Studies, Operations

We at have been using Couchabase since 2013. In this tutorial, I will show how it works and how you can perform various administrative operations without any downtime.

The tutorial will be a hands on lab, carried out in a VirtualBox environment, sources for which will be provided at the beginning of the tutorial. Attendees will be expected to be equipped with a laptop that is running a 64-bit OS.

The session will be laid out like this:
1. Concept of an Engagement Database
2. Couchbase Architecture Overview
3. Planning a new cluster
4. Installing a new Cluster.
5. Expanding an existing Cluster
6. Multi-Dimensional Scaling
7. Designating specific roles to nodes.
8. Data Modelling & Working with Data
9. Creating Map-Reduce Views
10. Working with N1QL, the SQL super-set for Couchbase
11. Troubleshooting Exercises


Abbas Ahmed

Abbas Ahmed (

Principal Database Engineer


I got into computing through electronics, and started my career as a university lecturer with a great interest in databases and embedded systems. My first database was dBase III Plus, then I worked with FoxPro, MS Access, MS SQL Server and Oracle 6, 7 and 8. In 2000, during my first job after university, I started using MySQL and just fell in love with it. I had the opportunity to introduce MySQL cluster as a solution at my previous job in the Telco sector. I also had a chance to work with analytics data stores like InfiniDB and Infobright. On a typical day, I am working on planning and executing new projects for the Database Engineering team. I am mostly involved with application architects and make recommendations on how we can best implement database layers for new systems. Most of the new work is centered around microservices. We also have a DevOps culture, so there is a lot of focus on ensuring recurring tasks are automated.


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