Collations in MySQL 8.0

Tuesday 3:20PM-4:10PM

@ Goldsmith 1

MySQL / MariaDB

50 minutes conference


Developer, Operations

MySQL 8.0 has got a whole new set of collations based on Unicode 9.0.0 and the utf8mb4 character set which is also the default character set in MySQL 8.0. This talk will present the new collations and what they bring into MySQL with regards to functionality and performance. The
talk will also look at the quirks and oddities you will have to think of when migrating your old MySQL 5.7 data to MySQL in order to take advantage of utf8mb4 and the new collations and cover topics:
- How to migrate to utf8mb4 from latin1, utf8 etc.
- Problems that might arise wrt. uniqueness, indexes etc.
- Pitfalls with character set and collation settings
- How to fix character set data that has for some reason a wrong encoding


Bernt Johnsen

Bernt Johnsen (Oracle)

Senior Software Archeologist


Bernt has been working with software for more than three decades. As a developer he has worked with expert systems, compilers, distributed systems, banking software and several databases. He has been a Senior member of MySQL's Server QA team since 2010.


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