Building Multi-Petabyte Data Warehouses with ClickHouse

Wednesday 11:20AM-12:10PM

@ Sky Suite 2

Open Source Databases

50 minutes conference



At LifeStreet we needed to scale our real time ad analytics platform to multiple petabytes. We evaluated and used a number of Open Source and Commercial Solutions, but they were not efficient enough or too expensive. When Yandex has released ClickHouse to Open Source we quickly realized its potential, and started our implementation project. It was a long way but it finally worked out great.

In this presentation I will talk about our experiences from application developer's viewpoint - what worked well and not so well, what challenges we had to overcome as well as share share the best practices for building large scale platform based on ClickHouse.


Alexander Zaitsev

Alexander Zaitsev (LifeStreet / Altinity)

Director of Engineering


Ms.Sc in Mathematics and Computer Science from Moscow State University in 1999. In software development industry since 1997 with some breaks for academia research. Focus on distributed architectures since 2002. Focus on databases and analytics since 2007. Built analytics solutions using MySQL, Oracle, Vertica and ClickHouse up to petabyte scale. Co-founded Altinity in 2017.


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