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April 18-21, 2016

Santa Clara, California

Picking InnoDB Locks

Picking InnoDB Locks

 21 April 12:50 PM - 01:40 PM @ Ballroom C
Experience level: 
50 minutes conference
Operations and Management


Shared locks, exclusive locks, intention locks, gap locks, deadlocks, and lock wait timeouts! How does it really work under the hood? And how can we use this knowledge to make our environment better? This presentation will be a deep dive into InnoDB locking internals, which will help attendees be able to make strategic technology decisions (i.e. is InnoDB the right choice?).


John Cesario's picture

John Cesario

DBA, Square, INC


John has over a decade of experience managing large numbers of linux systems and databases. Currently he is a member of the Database Engineering team at Square.

Dan Post

Director, Motiv


Dan is an engineering director at a stealth-mode SF startup. Previously, he was a senior database engineer at Square, where he developed high availability and orchestration tooling, and managed their thousands of instances of MySQL. Prior to his time at Square, he developed SSD products and technology for major consumer electronics companies, specializing in firmware development, system architecture, and designing for reliability and performance.

Ryan Lowe's picture

Ryan Lowe

Platform Engineer, Square, Inc.


Ryan is a Platform Engineer at Square, where he manages thousands of instances of MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Redis. Before joining Square, Ryan helped build and scale some of the largest web, social, gaming, and mobile properties as a Consultant at Percona. As an author, speaker, and active contributor to F/OSS projects, his expertise extends to a variety of data stores, cloud and big data, and beyond.

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