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April 18-21, 2016

Santa Clara, California

Open Source Monitoring for MySQL and MongoDB with Grafana and Prometheus

Open Source Monitoring for MySQL and MongoDB with Grafana and Prometheus

 18 April 9:30AM - 12:30PM @ Room 203
Experience level: 
3 hours tutorial
Operations and Management


This is a hands-on tutorial on setting up the monitoring and graphing for MySQL and MongoDB servers using Prometheus monitoring system and time-series database with Grafana feature rich metrics dashboard. Topics and tasks to be covered: * Prometheus overview * Prometheus metric exporters * Queries and expressions on Prometheus DB * Grafana overview * Creating graphs and dashboards in Grafana * MySQL graphing capabilities * MongoDB graphing capabilities * Working with Prometheus HTTP API * Creating alerts in Prometheus * Using Alertmanager for getting notifications * Using InfluxDB with Prometheus as a long-term storage option Ensure you have a laptop with Virtualbox application, we will provide the VM images.


Roman Vynar's picture

Roman Vynar

Lead Platform Engineer, Percona


Lead Platform Engineer at Percona. Developing monitoring tools, automated scripts and leading Percona Monitoring and Management project.

Tim Vaillancourt's picture

Tim Vaillancourt

Senior Technical Operations Architect, Percona


Tim joined Percona in 2016 as Sr. Technical Operations Architect for MongoDB with a goal to make the operations of MongoDB as smooth as possible. With experience operating infrastructures in industries such as government, online marketing/publishing, SaaS and gaming combined with experience tuning systems from the hard disk all the way up to the end-user, Tim has spent time in nearly every area of the modern IT stack with many lessons learned. Tim is based in Amsterdam, NL and enjoys traveling, coding and music. Prior to Percona Tim was the Lead MySQL DBA of Electronic Arts' DICE studios, helping some of the largest games in the world (“Battlefield" series, “Mirrors Edge” series, “Star Wars: Battlefront”) launch and operate smoothly while also leading the automation of MongoDB deployments for EA systems. Before the role of DBA at EA's DICE studio, Tim served as a subject matter expert in NoSQL databases, queues and search on the Online Operations team at EA SPORTS. Prior to moving to the gaming industry, Tim served as a Database/Systems Admin operating a large MySQL-based SaaS infrastructure at AbeBooks/Amazon Inc.

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