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April 18-21, 2016

Santa Clara, California

Elastic high performance data stores with MySQL Cluster

Elastic high performance data stores with MySQL Cluster

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50 minutes conference
High Availability


Learn how to build highly elastic solutions based on the MySQL Cluster auto-sharded in-memory engine. MySQL Cluster brings real time performance to more than a billion mobile phone users, enables financial services for everyone or serves massive multiplayer online gaming back-ends. The MySQL Cluster architecture allows to adopt to capacity demands making resources available instantaneously and when needed. Adding or removing nodes in seconds without interrupting service. Its native node.js platform and connectors for Java make it easy to write real-time web applications in the cloud. This sessions guides you through common architectures and a use cases for elastic MySQL Cluster cloud deployments.This session shows how telecoms, financials and gaming build highly elastic data stores that adopt to performance and capacity demands in seconds.


Bernd Ocklin's picture

Bernd Ocklin

Director MySQL Cluster Development, Oracle


Bernd Ocklin, responsible for running the MySQL Cluster team at Oracle, recently celebrated his first 10 years with the MySQL organization. MySQL Cluster is the high performance and availability core of the largest mobile phone networks and for many popular gaming back ends. Bernd first worked as a solution architect for high available database and clustering solutions and then joined the MySQL Cluster development at Sun/Oracle. To his credit, he has designed and programmed machine learning and data analysis solutions at his own company in addition to writing a database core prior to using MySQL databases. The outcome of such work has proven extremely useful in big scale data processing, i.e., for fraud detection at the world’s largest derivatives exchange.

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