Percona Live: Data Performance Conference 2016 Logo

April 18-21, 2016

Santa Clara, California


Abdelhak Errami's picture
Sr Services Engineer , Percona
Aleksandr Kuzminsky's picture
Staff Database Engineer , Box, TwinDB
Alexander Krizhanovsky's picture
CEO , Tempesta Technologies
Alexander Rubin's picture
Principal Architect , Percona
Alexander Rubin's picture
Principal Consultant , Percona
Alexey Eremihin's picture
Software Developer, Team Lead , Badoo
Alexey Maykov's picture
Software Engineer , MemSQL
Alexey Stroganov's picture
Performance Engineer , Percona
Sr. Software Development Manager , Oracle
Alkin Tezuysal's picture
Senior Technical Manager , Percona
Alvaro Hernandez's picture
CTO , 8Kdata
Amrith Kumar's picture
Founder & CTO , Tesora Inc
Anastasia Ailamaki's picture
Professor and CEO , EPFL and RAW Labs
Anthony Yeh's picture
Software Engineer , Google
Anurag Gupta's picture
Vice President of Big Data Services , Amazon Web Services
Armon Dadgar's picture
CTO , HashiCorp
Art van Scheppingen's picture
Senior Support Engineer , Severalnines AB
Ashraf Sharif's picture
System Support Engineer , Severalnines
Avi Kivity's picture
CTO , ScyllaDB
Balazs Pocze's picture
DBA , Gawker Media LLC
Ben Black's picture
DBA , Tango
Ben Kochie's picture
Site Reliability Engineer/Systems Engineer , SoundCloud
Bill Karwin's picture
Senior Database Architect , SchoolMessenger
Bill Nye's picture
CEO , Planetary Society
Bob Burgess's picture
Database Operations Engineer , Shopify
Brandon Bercovich's picture
Senior Software Engineer , Uber
Brendan Gregg's picture
Senior Performance Architect , Netflix
Brent Compton's picture
Director Storage Solution Architectures , Red Hat
Brett Hesterberg's picture
Product Manager , Google
Brian Cain's picture
Database Engineer - MySQL SRE , Dropbox