It's a wrap! We had over 1,000 attendees and rave reviews. A big thank you goes out to our Diamond Plus sponsors RocksDB and Deep Information Science along with all our other sponsors who made this show possible. In addition, a big shout out goes to the 300+ speakers who came to share their in depth knowledge with the community! We hope to see you next year April 24-27th, for what promises to be another outstanding event!

The Percona Live Data Performance Conference is the premier open source event for the data performance ecosystem. It is the place to be for the open source community as well as businesses that thrive in the MySQL, NoSQL, cloud, big data and Internet of Things (IoT) marketplaces. Attendees include DBAs, sysadmins, developers, architects, CTOs, CEOs, and vendors from around the world.

April 18-21, 2016
Hyatt Regency Santa Clara & The Santa Clara Convention Center.

Tutorials Schedule - Monday 18 April 2016

An Introduction to OpenStack Trove
Amrith Kumar

InnoDB Architecture and Performance Optimization for MySQL 5.7

Peter Zaitsev

MySQL GTID Implementation, Maintenance, and Best Practices

Gillian Gunson, Mark Filipi, Brian Cain

Heterogeneous Data Storage Systems: A Guide for the Modern DBA

Ryan Lowe, Jervin Real, Marcos Albe

MySQL Replication, the Community Sceptic Roundup

Giuseppe Maxia

Part 1 - Ramp-up Tutorial for MySQL Cluster - Scaling with Continuous Availability

René Cannaò, Vladimir Fedorkov

Part 1 - Advanced Percona XtraDB Cluster in a Nutshell, La Suite: Hands-on Tutorial (Not for Beginners!)

Frederic Descamps, Kenny Gryp

Part 1 - Become a MySQL DBA

Art van Scheppingen, Ashraf Sharif

Open Source Monitoring for MySQL and MongoDB with Grafana and Prometheus

Roman Vynar, Tim Vaillancourt

MySQL Break/Fix Lab
Alkin Tezuysal, Emanuel Calvo, Okan Buyukyilmaz

MyRocks Deep Dive: Flash Optimized LSM Database for MySQL, and its Use Case at Facebook

Yoshinori Matsunobu

Learn How to Use Performance Schema in MySQL 5.7 Not Only the Basics

Marco "The Grinch" Tusa

MongoDB Design Patterns

Christos Soulios, Nikolaos Vyzas

Best Practices for MySQL High Availability

Colin Charles

Part 2 - Ramp-up Tutorial for MySQL Cluster - Scaling with Continuous Availability

René Cannaò, Vladimir Fedorkov

Part 2 - Advanced Percona XtraDB Cluster in a Nutshell, La Suite: Hands-on Tutorial (Not for Beginners!)

Kenny Gryp, Frederic Descamps

Part 2 - Become a MySQL DBA

Art van Scheppingen, Ashraf Sharif

MongoDB 3.2

David Murphy

Hands-On Test Drive: MySQL on Ceph

Kyle Bader, Yves Trudeau, Brent Compton

Sessions Schedule - Tuesday 19 April 2016

Percona Opening Keynote
Peter Zaitsev

Transcending database tuning problems: How machine learning helps DBAs play more ping pong

Chad Jones

Bill Nye’s Objective - Change the World

Bill Nye

The Exciting MySQL 5.7 Replication Enhancements

Luis Soares

Storage Methods for Nonstandard Data Patterns

Bob Burgess

The Language of Compression Benchmarking

Leif Walsh

Fall In Love With Graphs And Metrics Using Grafana

Torkel Ödegaard

TokuDB: Stories from the Battlefield

Vadim Tkachenko

Introducing the MySQL Document Store

Alfredo Kojima, Jan Kneschke, Mike Frank

Run Your Own Open Source Alternative to Ops Manager to Avoid Vendor Lock-In

David Murphy

HA Redis and MySQL as a Service: Architectural Considerations & Challenges

Riddhi Shah, Timothy Given, Steve Croce

Performance of Percona Server for MySQL on Intel Server Systems using HDD, SATA SSD, and NVMe SSD as Different Storage Mediums

Ken LeTourneau

Schema Review 101: How and What You Should Be Looking at . . .

Michael Benshoof

BI at Badoo - historical retrospective

Demeter Sztanko, Alexey Eremihin

Physical Replication Based on InnoDB

zhai weixiang

The highs and lows of semi-synchronous replication
Simon Martin
Updated Sharding Guidelines in MongoDB 3.x with Impacts of Different Storage Engines

Kimberly Wilkins

MySQL Query Optimizer Overview

Olav Sandstå

MyRocks Internals

Alexey Maykov

Running Hadoop on Mesos at Uber

Brandon Bercovich

A Little Cassandra for the Relational Brain

Patrick McFadin

MySQL Data Recovery with TwinDB Undrop for InnoDB

Aleksandr Kuzminsky

Scaling MySQL: Strategies, Challenges, & A Better Solution

Dave Anselmi

MySQL and Ceph

Kyle Bader, Yves Trudeau

MySQL Performance Troubleshooting Best Practices

Michael Benshoof, Sveta Smirnova, Francisco Bordenave

Apache Ignite - In-Memory Data Fabric

Nikita Ivanov

Innodb 5.7 Features & Highlights

Sunny Bains

Rolling out Global Transaction IDs at Dropbox

David Turner, René Cannaò

MongoDB Chunks – Distribution, Splitting, and Merging

Jason Terpko

MySQL Scalability: Dimensions, Methods and Technologies

Nicolai Plum

/events @ Box: Using HBase as a Message Queue

David MacKenzie

Less is More: Novel Approaches to MySQL Compression for Modern Data Sets

Ernie Souhrada

Scylla, a distributed Cassandra-compatible NoSQL database in excess of a million requests per second per node

Avi Kivity

Let Robots Manage your Schema (without destroying all humans)

Jenni Snyder

MySQL DBaaS delivery so fast, so secure, and so reliable, you may experience long term euphoria

Chad Jones, John Teague

MySQL in the Cloud: Head-to-Head Performance Lab

Yves Trudeau, Kyle Bader, Brent Compton

Preventing and Resolving MySQL Downtime

Jervin Real, Michael Coburn

Compression for Open Source Databases

Peter Zaitsev

Performance schema and sys schema in MySQL 5.7

Mark Leith

Reliable crash detection and failover with Orchestrator

Shlomi Noach

MySQL 5.7 and MongoDB: Geospatial Introduction

Alexander Rubin, Michael Benshoof

A MySQL Sys Schema Deep Dive

Mark Leith

Clusternaut: Orchestrating Percona XtraDB Cluster with Kubernetes

Raghavendra Prabhu

How SurveyMonkey uses Ansible to manage its MySQL fleet

Josh Varner, David Bravant, Mark Filipi

ActorDB - an alternative view of a distributed database

Sergej Jurecko

Using Vault to decouple secrets from applications

Derek Downey, Armon Dadgar

MariaDB 10.1- what’s new

Colin Charles

Accelerating Ceph for Database Workloads with an all PCIe SSD Cluster

Reddy Chagam, Tushar Gohad

Cost Optimizations Through MySQL Performance Optimizations

Yves Trudeau, Matt Yonkovit

Technology comparison: MySQL vs SQLite on various devices

Vladimir Fedorkov, Peter Farkas

Percona XtraDB Cluster Reference Architecture 2016

Jay Janssen

High Availability Using MySQL Group Replication

Luis Soares

MongoDB Schema Design for the "Dynamic Schema" World

David Murphy


Sveta Smirnova

How we fine-tuned RocksDB configuration parameters to increase the performance

Changho Choi, Praveen Krishnamoorthy

Real-time Analytics from a MySQL Data Source

Nikita Shamgunov

MySQL backup & verification best practices with Percona Xtrabackup

Peter Boros, Aleksandr Kuzminsky

Database Schema Versioning and Management Tools

Michael Coburn

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs for Databases

Charity Majors

What's the Role of IT in a Self-Service, Cloud World?

Peter Zaitsev, Sebastian Stadil

Comparing synchronous replication solutions in the cloud

Marco "The Grinch" Tusa

Introducing CockroachDB: Make Data Easy

Spencer Kimball

Sleeper Agents - Transactions in Hiding

Brian Cain

A Billion Messages a Day - Yelp's Real-time Data Pipeline

Justin Cunningham

Running MongoRocks in production

Igor Canadi

Why would I run MySQL or MariaDB on POWER anyway?

Stewart Smith

End-to-end encryption for databases

MacLane Wilkison

PARTITIONing - How-To vs. Don't-Bother

Rick James

Introducing Gibbs: Your MySQL Scalability Advisor

Dan Lynn

Mining MySQL's Binary Log with Apache Kafka and Kafka Connect

Ewen Cheslack-Postava

MySQL deployment methods - whole servers, sandboxes, virtual machines, containers

Giuseppe Maxia

Running MySQL and MariaDB on Azure cloud

Paige Liu, Roger Levy

Choosing a MySQL HA solution today

Michael Patrick

Redis Functions and Data Structures

Dave Nielsen

Sharding with Spider solutions

Kentoku SHIBA

All about MySQL bug reports
Sveta Smirnova
An efficient way to process a large number of rows with mysql_use_result() or streaming option

Michael Wang

Best practices for Percona XtraDB Cluster with HAProxy

Martin Arrieta

Help! There's a bash shell in my MySQL server!

David Busby

Meet the MySQL Engineering Team

Dave Stokes

Newbie DBA discussions

Matthias Crauwels

Sessions Schedule - Wednesday 20 April 2016

AWS Big Data Services: Reimagining Big Data Processing in the Cloud
Anurag Gupta

Data in the Cloud Keynote Panel: Cloudy with a chance of running out of disk space? Or Sunny times ahead?

Reddy Chagam, Thomas Hazel, Peter Zaitsev, Mark Callaghan, Matt Yonkovit, Kyle Bader

MySQL: Combining SQL and NoSQL

Tomas Ulin

MyRocks, MongoRocks and RocksDB

Mark Callaghan

Tooling for GTID
Ryan Lowe, John Cesario
Shifting the Paradigm: MongoDB and the MEAN Stack

Kat Styons

InnoDB Locking Explained With Stick Figures

Bill Karwin

RocksDB: Key-Value Store Optimized for Flash-Based SSD

Siying Dong

Operational Buddhism: Building Reliable Services From Unreliable Components

Ernie Souhrada

Did you accidentally build a database?

Spencer Kimball

Drupal Just Wants to Hug Your Database

Emily Slocombe, Pim van der Wal

Troubleshooting Scenarios with Performance Schema

David Turner, René Cannaò, Thomas Manville

Getting Bare-Metal Performance for Databases Running on Hyper-Converged Systems with Linux Containers and SDS

Gou Rao

MongoDB for MySQL DBA's

Alexander Rubin

Deep dive into the native multi-model database ArangoDB

Frank Celler

Zen on MySQL


Schema Upgrades in Galera Cluster
Seppo Jaakola
Using Ansible to automate a MongoDB cluster

Patrick Galbraith

What's new in AliSQL - Alibaba's branch of MySQL

ying qiang zhang

Push databases: A better way to build realtime apps

Slava Akhmechet

Growing MySQL at GitHub

Tom Krouper, Jonah Berquist

Using Apache Spark and MySQL for Data Analysis

Alexander Rubin

Upgrade your database: without losing your data, your perf or your mind

Charity Majors

Increase MySQL Database Performance with Intel® SSD plus Cache Acceleration Software

David Tuhy

SQL with MySQL, or NoSQL with MongoDB?

Abdelhak Errami

Give Me My Damn Report: Making NoSQL Data Accessible to the Business

John De Goes

Resurrecting a MySQL Database from the Dead

Jesse Dearing

MySQL Router: New High Availability Building Block

Marcos Albe

Indexing Strategies and Tips for MongoDB

Kimberly Wilkins

Performance Schema for MySQL Troubleshooting

Sveta Smirnova

Vitess: The Complete Story

Anthony Yeh, Sugu Sougoumarane

Tarantool - a Lua based database engine and in-memory data grid

Konstantin Osipov

Backups, restores and clones for fun and profit

Jaakko Pesonen

MySQL Query Performance Tuning: A 12 Step Program

Janis Griffin

Not Just a Bunch of Disks: Storage Architecture of Google Cloud SQL

Brett Hesterberg, Rob Clevenger

MongoDB Replication and Sharding

David Murphy

RAW: Fast queries on JIT databases

Anastasia Ailamaki

Window functions in MariaDB

Vicentiu-Marian Ciorbaru, Sergei Petrunia

ProxySQL : High Availability and High Performance Proxy for MySQL

René Cannaò

How to shard effectively

John Schulz

MySQL Performance: Scalability & Benchmarks


Introducing Amazon Aurora: A New MySQL-Compatible Database

Anurag Gupta

Everyday We’re Shuffling — Online Shard Migration at Facebook

Daren Seagrave

Bringing code to the data: from MySQL to RocksDB for high volume searches

Ivan Kruglov

MySQL and Docker Strategies

Giuseppe Maxia, Patrick Galbraith

Monitoring Databases At Scale (Come ask the experts!)

Charity Majors, Jeremy Tinley

Running MySQL Virtualized on Ceph: Which Hypervisor is the Best?

Yves Trudeau, Kyle Bader

MongoDB 3.2 - New Features Overview

David Murphy

Powering a Realtime Analytics Product: the Ups, the Downs, and Sideways

Christine Yen

Transitioning From SQL Server to MySQL: Lessons Learned Along The Way

Dylan Butler

Running a Galera Cluster in Kubernetes

Patrick Galbraith

MongoDB on AWS With Minimal Suffering

Michael Kania

Top Most-Overlooked MySQL Performance Optimizations

Muhammad Irfan, Stephane Combaudon

What's New in MySQL

Simon Mudd, Geir Høydalsvik

Espresso: LinkedIn's distributed document store on top of MySQL

Davi Arnaut, Eun-Gyu Kim, Yun Sun

Advanced Search for your Legacy Application

Shaunak Kashyap

Massively Distributed Backup at Facebook Scale

Dan Reif, Shlomo Priymak

Improving MongoDB with Redis

Jon Hyman

MySQL (NDB) Cluster - Best Practices

Johan Andersson

MongoDB Schema Design

Jon Tobin

Solr: How to index 10 billion phrases from MySQL and HBase

Miroslav Kvasnica, Tomáš Komenda

Solid State Storage for your MySQL Databases: What you need to Know to Optimize Performance

Vadim Tkachenko

Sessions Schedule - Thursday 21 April 2016

Winning with Open Source Databases
Peter Zaitsev

Take back the power in your cloud applications with Apache Cassandra

Patrick McFadin

Galera Replication Demystified: How Does It Work?

Frederic Descamps

ToroDB: Supercharging your RDBMS with MongoDB super powers

Alvaro Hernandez

Optimizer: What’s New in 5.7, JSON and More.....

Manyi Lu

InnoDB as backend of Manhattan - Twitter's distributed database

Inaam Rana, Unmesh Jagtap

To Shard or Not to Shard

Peter Zaitsev

If You Only Have a Hammer, Everything Looks Like a Thumb

Susanne Lehmann

Automated server management with open source tools

Balazs Pocze

Monitoring MySQL at Scale

Ovais Tariq, Ilan Rabinovitch

Tuning Linux for Database performance

Ilya Kosmodemiansky

MySQL Parallel Replication: inventory, use-case and limitations

Jean-François Gagné

MongoDB 3.x Storage Engine Internals

David Bennett, Christian Rober

Picking InnoDB Locks

John Cesario, Dan Post, Ryan Lowe

Amazon Aurora: the Benefits and the Drawbacks

Vadim Tkachenko, Yves Trudeau

Leveraging MySQL Utilities at Dropbox and Tango

David Turner, Peter Boros, Ben Black

MySQL and Impala ecosystem: SQL friendly Hadoop

Tomáš Komenda, Lukas Putna

Rookie DBA Mistakes: How I Screwed Up So You Don't Have To

Gillian Gunson

Sometimes “Less is More” for dash-boarding and graphing.

Michael Blue

Linux Systems Performance

Brendan Gregg

MySQL Multi-Source Replication

Maximiliano Bubenick, Wagner Bianchi

MongoDB Security

Stephane Combaudon

XtraDB 5.7: Key Performance Algorithms

Laurynas Biveinis, Alexey Stroganov

Database Defense in Depth

Geoffrey Anderson

Why is my my.cnf 241 lines long?

Mark Ferlatte

MySQL Document Store: Under the Hood

Mike Frank, Jan Kneschke, Alfredo Kojima

True MPP for MySQL! Shard-Query versus Amazon Redshift

Justin Swanhart

Monitoring MySQL with Prometheus

Ben Kochie

Linux Kernel Extension for Databases

Alexander Krizhanovsky

Implementing Multi-Source Replication With MySQL 5.7 @ Verisure (and How We Got There)

Kenny Gryp, Kristofer Grahn

How to Automate, Monitor and Manage your MongoDB Servers

Art van Scheppingen

MySQL Performance: Demystified Tuning & Scalability


Druid: Power Interactive Applications at Scale

Jonathan Wei

Dirty Little Secrets

Shlomi Noach, Jenni Snyder, Jeremy Tinley, Jonah Berquist, Geoffrey Anderson

Time series from collection to analysis - examples and use cases

Ivan Zoratti

Orchestrator at Square

Brian Ip, Grier Johnson, John Cesario

The Dark Art of Container Monitoring

Loris Degioanni

Turtles All the Way Down: Tuning Linux for Database Workloads

Sam Kottler