Juan Pablo Arruti

Juan Pablo Arruti

Juan Pablo Arruti

Support Engineer, Percona


Juan Pablo joined Percona in 2016 as a member of the Support Team. Before coming to Percona, he worked as DBA in several companies such as IBM, Turner and Oracle.

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Percona XtraBackup vs Mariabackup vs MySQL Enterprise Backup

There are few ways to take a backup. One of the most used tools is Percona Xtrabackup, MariaBackup, and MySQL Enterprise Backup.

In this talk, the audience will have an in-deep overview of:
- Differences between the tools
- Comparison of features
- Which tool work on which MySQL/MariaDB flavor
- Supported Storage Engines
- Limitations

Best Practices for Migrating MySQL to the Cloud

In this session, we will review key elements to take into account when migrating MySQL into the Cloud. We will share our experience of working with many different customers across the globe describing most effective procedures.

- IaaS vs DBaaS
- Migrating data
- Replication between On-Premises and Cloud
- Testing Cloud environments
- Load Balancers
- High Availability
- Monitoring
- Backups

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