Iwo Panowicz

Iwo Panowicz

Iwo Panowicz

Senior Support Engineer, Percona


Iwo is a Percona Support Engineer (EMEA) since August 2017.

Prior to joining Percona Iwo was a System Administrator for more than 10 years with a focus on high availability, performance and automation. He also was helping many companies in designing infrastructure and ha/failover solutions.

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Percona XtraBackup vs Mariabackup vs MySQL Enterprise Backup

There are few ways to take a backup. One of the most used tools is Percona Xtrabackup, MariaBackup, and MySQL Enterprise Backup.

In this talk, the audience will have an in-deep overview of:
- Differences between the tools
- Comparison of features
- Which tool work on which MySQL/MariaDB flavor
- Supported Storage Engines
- Limitations

Embedding SQL Engine to Your Application

Embedded databases, tightly integrated with application software, are a great alternative to standalone database systems for small applications. This talk will cover:

- Comparison of popular embedded databases engines (Berkeley DB, SQLite, Firebird Embedded, deprecated libmysqld embedded).
- How to design an application which is using an embedded database? When not to use it?
- What are the advantages and limitations of embedded database engines?

By the end of the session, attendees will learn the advantages, when and how to use an embedded database compared to using an external database.

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