Alexander Rubin

Alexander Rubin

Alexander Rubin

Director, Data Architecture, VirtualHealth


Alexander has over 10 years industry experience with the MySQL database and related technologies. His specialties are performance tuning, full text search, high availability, database infrastructure architecture and data warehouses. He has helped many MySQL customers design extremely high performance databases with optimized schema and queries.

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MySQL Performance Schema in Action

Performance Schema is a powerful diagnostic instrument for:

- Query performance

- Complicated locking issues

- Memory leaks
- Resource usage
- Problematic behavior, caused by inappropriate settings
- More

It comes with hundreds of options which allow precisely tuning what to instrument. More than 100 consumers store collected data.

In this tutorial, we will try all the important instruments out. We will provide a test environment and a few typical problems which could be hardly solved without Performance Schema. You will not only learn how to collect and use this information but have experience with it.

Opensource Column Store Databases: MariaDB ColumnStore vs. ClickHouse

Running an analytical (OLAP) workload on top of MySQL can be slow and painful. A specifically designed storage format ("Column Store") can significantly improve analytical queries' performance. There are a number of opensource column store databases around. In this talk, I will focus on two of them which can support MySQL protocol: MariaDB ColumnStore and ClickHouse.

I will show some realtime benchmarks and use cases, and demonstrate how MariaDB ColumnStore and ClickHouse can be used for typical OLAP queries. I will also do a quick demo.

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