TiDB 3.0: What's new and what's next

Wednesday 10:00 AM - 10:15 AM

@ Zilker

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MySQL, Business & Enterprise

TiDB is a popular open source distributed NewSQL database. It speaks the MySQL protocol, and the majority of its syntax - to your applications it looks like MySQL 5.7. Since its birth four years ago, TiDB has been used by more than 300 companies, scenario coverage: core banking systems / High concurrency internet service / Real-time analysis. In this talk, I will introduce the current status in the TiDB community, the core features of TiDB 3.0, and roadmap to make TiDB a true distributed HTAP database.


Ed Huang

Ed Huang (PingCAP)

Co-Founder and CTO


Ed Huang is the co-founder and CTO of PingCAP. He is a distributed systems and database expert.

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