MongoDB: Where Are We Going From Here?

Wednesday 5:10 PM - 5:35 PM

@ Texas 6

Open Source Databases

25 minutes conference


MySQL, MongoDB

MySQL JSON Support
Open source reject license
MySQL Group Replication
MongoDB transactions
Distros dropping MongoDB package

This year has seen a good deal of changes and challenges in the MongoDB Space. But where are things going? We are going to cover the most common questions I get asked even today.

What are my risks if I keep using it?
Is MySQL/Postgres Proxy, replication, and HA finally catching up?
Why is JSON support not the only thing to consider?
Will MongoDB lose my data?

Past these I will be discussing the ecosystem as a whole, and how I see the next few years shaping out. While this talk is most helpful for business leaders and architects, for DBAs and engineers it will also help you decide what to focus on in your career for the emerging technological future.


David Murphy

David Murphy ()

SRE & Cloud Architect


David is a Principal Architect in SRE, Database and Cloud. Previously he was the Practice Manager for MongoDB at Percona, and before that, he was one of the early members for ObjectRocket the leader in DBaaS for MongoDB specializing in performance. Other previous roles include Database System and Technology Architect as Electronic Arts. As a speaker, he prefers to focus on solutions in the real world to issues, to this point he tries to regularly publish code to help everyone use his solutions or have ideas to inspire their own. Additionally, he is a Mongo Master Alumni and core code contributor to MongoDB, MySQL, and other open source technologies.


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