MariaDB Security Features and Best Practices

Wednesday 2:55 PM - 3:55 PM

@ Texas 5

TiDBMySQL/MariaDBOpen Source Databases

50 minutes conference



Most Enterprises today own information of critical value such as intellectual property, customers personal data or private financial data. This type of data should never be exposed to unauthorized malicious access.

Our session covers the best security practices for a MariaDB deployment, the latest security related features in the MariaDB Server as well as general information related to potential threats in Enterprise systems and our recommended defense mechanisms.

Subjects covered in this session:
- Potential threats and protection mechanisms
- Secure installation with mysql_secure_installation
- At Rest and in-transit data encryption
* MariaDB TLS support
* Securing client-server communication
* Securing data echange in Replication and Galera Cluster
* Data at Rest and Binlog Encryption
- User Management best practices
* Password validation plugins
(simple_password_check, cracklib_password_check)
* User Account Locking
* Expiration of User Passwords
* Blocking user accounts with --max-password-errors
- External authentication with PAM and Kerberos
- Role-based Access Control
- Monitoring activity using the MariaDB Audit Plugin


Robert Bindar

Robert Bindar (MariaDB Foundation)

Software Developer


Robert Bindar started working for the MariaDB Foundation in November, 2018 as a Developer. His main focus there will be divided between server development and helping the community contribute faster and more efficiently to the MariaDB codebase.


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