Making an 'aaS' out of TiDB: building DBaaS on a Kubernetes Operator

Wednesday 5:10 PM - 5:35 PM

@ Big Bend AB

Open Source DatabasesTiDB

25 minutes conference


Cloud, MongoDB

TiDB has bet big on Kubernetes; it is our compatibility layer to operate on any cloud platform and deploy with a single command. This talk explains from experience the challenges of automating a distributed database on Kubernetes with TiDB-Operator. Then we will show how to architect a DBaaS (Database as a Service) to work on top of an operator.

The talk will include a short demo showing how a DBaaS can bring together open source tooling (Prometheus, Netdata, TiDB, Loki, Grafana, Sentry) to monitor and troubleshoot database performance.


Greg Weber

Greg Weber (PingCAP)

Senior Cloud Product Engineer


Senior Cloud Product Engineer at PingCAP. Previously, he was a software engineer at Karius,, and Motorola.

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